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What a Week! Day 3 Chef 's Table Show
September 27, 2014

Due to staying out late Monday evening I took it slow Tuesday morning. Slept in some, took a pretty summer walk, visited with the sunflowers...


That evening was our "Music Crawl" show at the Chef's Table. Dave Irwin and I hosted the show and thoroughly enjoyed  appearances from Brian Henke http://www.brianhenkeguitarist.com who played his beautiful and ethereal compositions, Winfield singer/songwriter Julie Sutton who brought down the house with her big blues song and voice, http://www.reverbnation.com/juliesutton and Tim and Myles Thompson who were featured performers at this year's and the 2013 WV Festival. Tim and Myles are a father and son, high energy, virtuoso guitar and violin duo. They also sing, have great harmonies and excellent songs. They are from Nashville TN (where Tim was a staff songwriter for a while). He is also the 2008 International Fingerstyle Champion. www.timthompsonguitar.com They played a lot of songs from their new album and also sat in on some of my tunes. It is so amazing to get to hear and play with these world class musicians! It was an honor to have them come perform.

Once again we enjoyed the excellent food and hospitality of the Chef's table. I had the same meal as the day before followed by the best piece of apple pie I have ever had in my life! I later learned that proprieter Chef Stan has a most amazing and rare knife that he uses to cut these exquisite thin slices of apple. The flavoring and crust were all so delicate and delicious I am getting totally nostalgic and hungry thinking about it. www.facebook.com/chefstablewinfield


Brian Henke                                                    Tim and Myles Thompson                    Dave Irwin, me, Chef Stan Lerner


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